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18 November 2008

Stop abusive credit card companies!

LINK: http://creditcardreform.org/

In this economy, we don't need the big financial institutions looking to our credit cards to make up for their losses. But right now, the credit card companies hold all the "cards," and they can hike interest rates on our balances or charge us higher fees for no reason whatsoever.

The Senate may vote on a bill that will rein in these abuses. The House has already passed its bill, so real reform is within reach. I just sent my Senators an email in support of this bill. Would you take a moment to do the same?

Among other things, the bill would prohibit credit card companies from arbitrarily hiking interest rates on your card balances, and stop 'bait and switch' clauses that let them charge fees and change interest rates for any reason whatsoever.

The bill will help level the playing field for consumers and help ensure that a deal is a deal when it comes to your credit card company. The more consumers the Senate hears from, the better chance we have at putting Main Street, not just Wall Street, first.

Take action at: http://creditcardreform.org/

 Thank you!

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17 November 2008

Emily's second RSA swim meet

Emily participated in her second RSA swim meet, this one a dual meet between the RSA and the NCAC (North Carolina Aquatics Club).

Because she had a birthday party to attend Saturday afternoon, she was only able to swim Sunday morning, and the two events she swam in were the 50 meter Butterfly and the 50 meter Breast stroke.

As with last time, she was disqualified in the breast stroke event "only for one thing" according to her coach, and this caused Emily a great deal of excitement.

And she was *NOT* disqualified in the butterfly event, so this is the first time she's swum a legal butterfly.

I think her time was the slowest among all participants, but hey who cares!  Emily started swim lessons 9 months ago!  She can work on speed AFTER she gets her technique down.

Anyway, congratulations to Emily!

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