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25 February 2011

Back Yard Plans for this spring

We're remodeling our back yard this year!

It starts next week - having three small trees removed from the left side of the house.  Two of them are sweetgum trees that just matured enough to start dropping those annoying "gumballs" all over the place.  I hate those things!  In the place of these three trees will be a nice unobnoxious River Birch.

Next - hopefully this weekend - we're going to tear down Emily's playset.  Adrienne's mom has requested the wood.  I'm pretty sure this custom made set couldn't be sold anyway.

In place of the playset, we're going to build a shed and some raised bed gardens and a walkway between the gardens.

We'd like to expand the left side of the deck to the edge of the house - and expansion of about 8'x12', and move the stairway to the otherside of the deck.  On that side, we're putting a patio, which will probably be in the neighborhood of 12x14, and may be as simple as poured or stamped concrete, or maybe even pavers if I'm feeling anbitious.

And finally, once all this is done, the rest of the back yard will be sodded with a nice heat tolerant "summer" grass - probably Bermuda.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it?

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