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13 April 2011

Programmer Humor

When Programmers Talk about Tools


If you know any programmers, perhaps you've noticed that we sometimes have odd senses of humor. One example I always like to bring up is that an old mail program for UNIX systems was called "elm" which was short for "electronic mail". Some other programmers decided to call their new mail program "pine", which stood for "Pine Is Not Elm.".


Anyway, the other day, I asked a question of some programmer friends of mine. I was hoping to borrow a nail gun from someone, and hilarity ensued. Well, perhaps hilarity is a bit overkill, but I thought it was funny enough to blog about.






Does anyone on the list have a pneumatic finishing nailer that I could borrow?






I have several, some with wooden handles that are easy on your hands. These are the completely manual units that don't need any power, just your arm moving back and forward. ;)






Holy cow! You have leverage-based nailers? I've heard about those. It's almost like they make your arm longer and give you the ability to wield more force upon nail heads. It's like you have a fist of iron with which you can beat nails senseless. I hear that nails cower, bend over, and even lay down in fear of this type of nailer. How did you ever manage to find one of these? It must have been very expensive!






Sometimes you can find them at yard sales or in antique stores at a very reasonable prices. There are special ones that get handed down from father to son also. These are usually partnered with yelling and provocative use of language when there is a thumb malfunction or bug in the process.






LOL! A trip to the ER to get your thumb looked at is not cheap at all. I urge caution when using one of these leverage-based nailers. They are very dangerous...and would you believe that they don't have any safety on them? no warning labels? and most of them have this vicious claw like end on them as well...so you aren't even safe on the back swing!


I don’t know about you, but hammers sure sound dangerous!


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