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27 February 2007

Help Evangelize Coldfusion!

Or Bluedragon, Railo, The Smith Project, etc..

Since my blog is aggregated by MXNA, I thought it'd be worthwhile to blog about this item from yesterday's cf-talk.

Rey Bango announced the opening of a new web site - www.gotcfm.com - intended to chronical and list web sites all over the world that are powered by Coldfusion.

So if you've built, manage, or maintain a web site that uses CFML, whether it be powered by Adobe Coldfusion, Bluedragon, Railo, The Smith Project, or whatever, get it listed!

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30 July 2005

BlogCFM 1.10 Released

I just released the latest version of my coldfusion bloging software, BlogCFM.  That's what powers this blog.

It's free and open source.  You can find out more at www.blogcfm.org

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28 July 2005

CFFM 1.11 Released - Coldfusion File Manager

I released CFFM 1.10 yesterday and followed it up with CFFM 1.11 today.

Numerous bug fixes, made the code more CFC oriented and somewhat cleaner, and (with 1.11) added language support.  Several people have volunteered to write translations which should be available soon.

For information and a demo, go to www.webworksllc.com/cffm

The project page is at www.cfopen.org/projects/cffm

CFFM is free, open source software.

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24 March 2005

Do you like my Blog?

Blatant self-promotion

Well, my blog is almost complete.  You see, I wrote 95% of this blog tool, and personally I think it's a pretty kickass blog app. 

If any of my family reads this, they're probably wondering what the hell a Blog is.  My wife had to ask me that a few months ago.  She's so out of date.

For the uninitiated, a blog is a web log.  An online journal.  A diary.  A platform for speaking one's mind, even if nobody is listening.  (Yes, for all I know, nobody is reading this!)

Anyway, the application is called BlogCFM.  It is written in CFML (aka Coldfusion) and works on Coldfusion server and Bluedragon server.  I know that means nothing to 90% of you.  But if it means something to you, ou can find out more about it here.

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